Project Description
nOsliw HUI is a HTML/HTA Application JScript Framework for IT Professionals and advanced scripters in Windows enterprise networks. HUI is written in JScript/Javascript. The JS classes uses WSH, ADSI, WMI, FileSystem & other AJAX Frameworks.


  • Hello! I am building a HTA framework for Windows enterprise environment. The aim is advanced IT Professionals with scripting knowledge and administrative needs. The planned release HUI JS Library, Professional is the AJAX look-alike framework that I hope will make an impact for IT Professionals and windows scripting developers.
  • Please discuss HUI Library here
  • Donate using Paypal to contribute stable release.

Coordinator Requirements

  1. Able to prove all your skills for Developer requirements
  2. Has published your own HTA Framework or simalar JScript Framework on
  3. Active member of the Developer group for at least 6 months

Developer Requirements

  1. Advanced knowledge in Dynamic HTML (CSS, EcmaScript, HTML4) / DOM for IE,
  2. Advanced knowledge in Windows Host Scripting (JScript, Batch, WSJ)
  3. Moderate knowlegde in Windows 2000/2003/2008 domain (Active Directory)
  4. Advanced knowledge in Windows Server 2000/2003/2008 and support tools
  5. Advanced knowledge in JScript/JavaScript
  6. Moderate knowledge in AJAX and JavaScript Prototypes
  7. Moderate knowledge in WMI/ADSI/Registry
  8. Advanced knowledge in HTA Application
  9. Moderate knowledge in Web Design

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